The Backpack of Wings :

Modern Mythology

Science Fiction film, Research, 2021

approx. 20 min

Work in progress

“The backpack of wings : Modern Mythology” is based on

interdisciplinary research between seismic disaster myths in asian

culture and monitoring animal behaviors in a science field. Asian

traditional people consider animals as a messenger of gods and

generally accept legends about unusual animal behaviors before natural events. However, these anecdotes haven’t been seriously accepted in western world of science. Recently some ethologists are attempting to prove the mystery of animal sense by using computation, tracking technology and gigantic data networks from undersea to outer space.

Now, how are their senses digitized, connected and translated to predict natural disasters, and how far is the intervention of human beings into nature acceptable? Finally, can technological positivism
take over the role of an ancient prophet in future? This project traces this topic and creates a fictive modern mythology, based on a collection of ancient disaster myths from diverse cultures. Furthermore, the new modern mythology will integrate aspects from ICARUS (International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space) project at Max Planck Institute of animal behavior, folklorist, literature and Gaia theory.

backpack of wings _2021 presentation_Pag

concept /

ideas sketches

backpack of wings _2021 presentation_Pag


In the near future small backpacks for endangered migratory birds and wild animals have been generalized. Due to global warming and environmental pollution, it becomes increasingly difficult for migratory birds to find their habitat. Bird conservationists guide them through backpacks on their migration way. To find better habitats where they can live safely. In addition, A-Sense Insurance company has applied this backpack to other wild animals and commercialized (datalized) their senses to alarm natural disasters in advance. One day a tremendous earthquake is predicted in zone 3 and birds and humans react differently than before.